September 2019 : 33rd Science Projects’ networking event in the Future Classroom Lab, Brussels (Belgium)                                                                           Presentation and promotion of the KA101 PRODIRO Project                               

Problem and Project-Based Learning
Example : Problem based learning : implementation of Computer Science in formal education, PRODIRO (Scientix)

Speaker : Mehdi Hihi

May 2019 : 15th Science Projects ’ networking event
Sustainability of projects, Galway (Ireland)

GO NANOTEC in the context of the promotion of STEM basic skills projects in Switzerland

Speaker : Mehdi Hihi

April 2019 : International Conference                                                                      Learning STEAM, to infinite and beyond        
Panevėžys district, Velžys Gymnasium, Velžys (Lithuania)

Curriculum updates in the STEAM domains : How to integrate STEAM in formal education and to increase the collaboration between European Schools

Speaker : Mehdi Hihi                                                                                          


May 2017 : Educanet2, Annual conference, Bern (Switzerland)

From a school exchange project to an Erasmus+ project

Speaker : Mehdi Hihi

October 2016 : National exchanges day, Bern (Switzerland)                                     Programme national de lutte contre la pauvreté OFAS                                           (Federal Office of Social Insurance)
Exchange meeting, GO NANOTEC Project

Speakers : Mehdi Hihi, Annika Ribordy (FSEA)

August 2016 : 3rd Baltic Sea
17th Nordic Literacy Conference
Finnish Reading Association (FinRA), Turku (Finland)

Promotion of basic skills in literacy, mathematics and ICT in the business
for successful social and professional integration: comparative study of good international practices and presentation of a Swiss national funded project

Speaker : Mehdi Hihi

May 2016 : e2change annual congress for teachers,
Educa, Bern (Switzerland)

Educanet2 for interinstitutional cooperation between schools
(national and European level)

Speaker : Mehdi Hihi

March 2016 : CEGEP Lionel-Groulx,
Centre de recherche et d’expertise en multilittératie des adultes (CREMA)
Sainte-Thérèse (Canada)

Internationalization of schools and adults training of basic skills :
Projects opportunities and partnerships (Switzerland - Europe - North America)

Speaker : Mehdi Hihi

October 2015 : 8th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab,
Scientix, European Schoolnet, Brussels (Belgium)

Scientix - The community for science education in Europe
Promoting STEM in international offices in schools

Speakers : Mehdi Hihi, Marjaana Myllylä, Dajana Kapusova

September 2015 : VoiceS - European teachers network,
Annual conference, Olomuc (Czech Repubulic)

Implementation of an international project in schools
Practical case : European exchange project (4 countries, 4 schools) 

Speaker : Mehdi Hihi

September 2015 : Swiss exchange congress, St Gallen (Switzerland) 

The ch Foundation for Federal Cooperation :

- Implementation of a European exchange project for schools
  Practical case: adaptation to the Swiss and Finnish curricula 

  Speakers : Mehdi Hihi, Marjaana Myllylä, Rosemary Smeets Cowan

- Scientix : the community for science education in Europe
  Implementation of a national or European STEM exchange project

  Speakers : Mehdi Hihi, Marjaana Myllylä

May 2015 : Educanet2, Annual conference, Bern (Switzerland)

Knowledge management and educanet2 :
Using educanet2 in schools during a European exchange project 

Speaker : Mehdi Hihi